Child Residence and Contact

Some of the most emotional disputes imaginable are the disputes over children. You can replace the money lost in a court case, but not the precious time you lose with a son or daughter.

Majority of the separating parents aim towards an amicable resolution of issues around their children. There are also a few cases where parents are unable to achieve this. In such a situation, the conflict may prove to much destructive both for the adults as well as the children.

What is needed in such a situation is a clear and impartial advice to help in resolution of these problems. There is also a need for proper representation at court. A proper representation can ensure that such issues get properly addressed as well as couples are able to reach long term solutions.

In case the parent are getting separated, but are struggling when it comes to resolution of arrangements around the children, they should go for Family Mediation Going through an effective family mediation process in can lead them to options and the likely approach that may be taken by a court.

MIAMS offer family mediators who are well equipped for mediating issues of divorce and child custody. It is always a wise decision to work with an experienced mediator with has a proven track record to help families in similar circumstances. There are many co-parents who create their child custody agreement without help of a professional family mediator and often end up feeling unsatisfied and unfairly treated after its completion. In such types of situations, the importance of family mediators is very apparent. Both the co-parents should know that they owe it to their child to settle on a custody agreement that reflects honesty, balance, cooperation, and trust.