Family Mediation Service Fees

Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake so dont be spending all your hard earned caah with Solicitors contact Miams Family Mediation today!

Mediation as a cheaper alternative to Family Law Solicitors

The costs of mediation – 2022 Prices

We have a simple and cost effective pricing structure.

Preparation of documents we can quote depending on time and complexity.

Compared to a purely legal procedure the costs of mediation are much more competitive.

Costs with legal proceedings can escalate out of proportion. This is because it is not known at the start of the legal process what issues might emerge and how long these can take to resolve.

Complexities around child custody arrangements and division of financial assets can mean that legal costs are substantially greater than first considered. In addition, legal firms charge for all aspects of their services.

Even for what might seem to be minor services, such as writing a letter or providing legal advice, the costs of legal proceedings can escalate substantially.

There are many couples who find that the divorce has eaten into their finances, and reduced the overall value of the assets that are to be divided. This can leave them feeling bitter about the whole process.

In comparison, with mediation, the costs are spelt out to you at the start of the process and do not deviate from that initial price, except if you require additional support.

You will be offered a package of mediation meetings, and associated services, which will cover all of our expenses. This means that there will be no nasty surprises at the end of the mediation procedure.

With mediation, you are in complete control of the procedure. Working with our advisors, and mediators, we will work to produce the best mediation package that suits your needs.

Even if you think now that you have problems that are best resolved by a legal solution, our mediators can help and reassure, assisting you in finding the mediation services that suit your needs best.

The costs of mediation, with MIAMS, are a fraction of the costs incurred during a legal case.

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