MIAMS Mediation Worksop

Mediation offers a swift, cost-effective, and highly successful approach to resolving disputes.

If you’re eligible for legal aid, it can be a viable option.

Recent statistics reveal an impressive 80% settlement rate among mediation participants. Compared to court proceedings, it’s a much faster and more economical alternative.

Moreover, mediators can help you find durable solutions that cater to your needs and those of your family.

At MIAMS Mediation Workshop, we can provide guidance on your eligibility for legal aid during the process.

MIAMS Mediation Worksop Resolving Disputes:

Mediation Worksop Overview:

Whether you’re recently separated, have been apart for years, or are already involved in legal proceedings, our team of fully accredited mediators is here to assist you with their expert negotiation techniques.

We are dedicated to resolving matters and finding personalised solutions that meet your needs. MIAMS Family Mediation Worksop is an alternative dispute resolution and consists of several stages designed to guide you towards a positive outcome. 

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Understanding Family Mediation Worksop Process

1. Initial Meeting or Assessment (MIAM)

Discover more about mediation, determine if you wish to proceed with family mediation Worksop for you and family members, and explore your options with our experienced mediators. If mediation is unsuitable or you choose not to mediate, you can obtain a court certificate (a requirement for initiating court proceedings, confirming attendance of a MIAM).

2. Optional Pre-mediation Session

You have the option to participate in personalised pre mediation coaching sessions, designed to prepare you for mediation. These sessions have proven to enhance outcomes, help you contemplate your path forward, address any emotional matters, and equip you with effective negotiation skills. Our mediators are neutral third party and part of the mediation council so you can be assured of a fair and cost effective mediation services.

3. Mediation Sessions

Our mediators are fully accredited by the Family Mediation Council. They will expertly guide you and family members through the mediation process. Sessions typically last 1.5 hours and can be conducted face-to-face, separately (via shuttle mediation), or online. The timing and number of sessions will be customized to meet your individual needs.

4. Conclusion of Family Mediation Worksop

Upon conclusion of the family mediation services, we can document your decisions and create summaries of the proposals you have agreed upon. These summaries can then be transformed into legally binding arrangements by your legal advisors. We also provide after-care counselling, and you always have the option to return to mediation at any point in the future.

5. Child-Inclusive Mediation Service

In certain cases, our specially trained mediators can directly consult with children involved and other parties involved, providing a safe and neutral environment for them to express their thoughts and preferences. This enables you to consider their wishes in your decision-making process.