Tips for creating a successful parenting plan

The process of divorce is not so easy for parents for numerous reasons. They always have to face this major worry of how the divorce will impact their children. A carefully devised parenting plan can help them in easing such fears.

Each parent can document his or her parenting time arrangements that will reflect who will see their children when, while also setting provisions for holidays, summer time as well as school breaks. Often those parents having a good relationship with each other agree to a more flexible arrangement that transforms their parenting plan into more of an eased out outline.

Irrespective of the fact that person is whether able to get along well with his or her ex or not, as both of them cannot stay in the same room anymore, it is crucial to have a parenting plan for addressing all the needs and potential concerns. People should consider the some tips when they draft a parenting plan:

The child comes first: the parenting schedule must enable both the parents for spending quality time with the kids.

Being realistic about the holidays. The holidays are not the right time for stressing over the parenting plan. It’s a time to be enjoyed with the family. You must be putting up a plan in place now with the help of MIAMS . Meanwhile, you should be flexible to let the children enjoy time with their whole family.

Never forgetting about holiday time. In the parenting plan, always remember to include holiday time with the kids so that you may sit back and relax together.

Considering travel time. In case the separated couples do not live close to each other, the parenting plan should not include mid-week trips in case it not works out for one or both parents.

Tailoring the plan to every parent’s needs. It is important to take in to consideration every parent’s working hours as well as hobbies when you create your schedule. The plan should enable both the parents to spend quality time with kids.

Your MIAMS mediator will help with exploring your options and creating a parent time arrangement which works for all.

For creating a successful parenting plan, it is important to go for a Family Mediation in in case of any conflict. MIAMS Family Mediation service providers in immense experience in dealing with such cases.