Same sex couples

Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake.

Same sex couples

Although the dissolution rate for same sex couples is only a small fraction of that for divorcing couples, the breakdown of a civil partnership is something that does, unfortunately, happen. In this case you may decide that a legal solution works best for you. However, this should rarely be your first course of action. Often, mediation works better as a way of solving disputes and it is, increasingly, required by courts prior to legal action. At FAMILY MEDIATION 1 we offer the premier service for same sex couples who are undergoing dissolution of their civil partnership.

Dissolution: why mediation works best

Unless the civil partnership was made in Scotland, there must be at least a year between the civil partnership breaking down irretrievably and its dissolution. In dissolution, the grounds are similar to that of divorce. Similarly, same sex couples are turning to mediation in order to amicably resolve issues involving finance and family. Mediation is a process where the aim is to produce a written agreement, that both of the couple can agree to, which gives a statement as to the way in which their financial and other issues should be continued. This may include the distribution of assets and issues related to access and responsibility for childcare issues. This process involves a series of mediation meetings. After an initial meeting, which considers suitability for mediation, the process will take you through a series of mediation meetings to resolve any outstanding concerns. In this process, the mediator is an impartial guide to the process and will not take sides.

Mediators who understand your needs

At FAMILY MEDIATION 1 we are experienced in handling the needs of same sex couples. The legal obligations for dissolution of a civil partnership are slightly different to those of divorce and this is reflected in our mediation procedure. All of our mediators are accredited by the Family Mediation Association (FMA) and their code of practice means that every couple is treated equally and with due consideration. Our experienced mediators are specifically trained in meeting the needs of same sex couples and will tailor their mediation service to meet your particular needs.

We understand that your separation, and the dissolution of your civil partnership, is one of the hardest decisions that you have made in your life. At FAMILY MEDIATION 1 we will help you, and your former partner, to reach an agreement that serves the needs of both parties and helps you to move forward in a progressive way towards the future.