What are the Legal Rights of Children?

In comparison to an adult, a children cannot have the same rights. This is only due to the fact that children are still in the stage of physical and mental growth. So before minors reach the age of the adult, they cannot have the same rights as them. It is justifiable as handling the same rights as an adult has its own challenges for a growing child.

But, children also have some inherent legal rights that they possess right from the time of their birth. Also as a child grows, he or she will keep gaining some more rights.

Basic Rights of a Child
Every child is born with some predefined rights irrespective of their different rates of growth and maturity. Every child has the right to live in a safe environment and get proper education. Every child has the right to good nutrition and healthcare. A child can be raised as per the will of the parents as they have the basic right to do so. However in case where there is any risk to the child, the state can remove the child from the home. Every child has the right to get his or her basic needs met through the parents. Also, every child has the right to thrive in a risk free environment.

Under the constitution, there are some defined minor rights. Also, every minor has the right to equal protection. Every child has the right to get the same treatment from the government as well as his parents irrespective of the gender, race, nationality, disability, or religious beliefs. Even the government cannot take any basic rights from the children without following the due process, including notice and a hearing.

Also, in case of children who are differently abled, they are some well-defined rights. They are entitled to receive special education as well as the right accommodation. They have right to be educated in the same way as their peers.

Also, there are some rights that the children obtain as they grow. This depends on the age and the level of maturity. For instance, the right to free speech is limited in case of a child. Even though, children get encouragement to form their own opinions and speak freely about their thoughts, a child’s free speech may get curtailed by the school in case there is any risk of harm to other children. Also, the teenagers have more right than younger children. Teenagers have the right to generate some income through work. Although, there is an age limit to start working and there are also timing restrictions.