Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law

In the last few decades Mediation has become popular over general litigation. Mediation can be described as a form of arrangement which is reached between parties regarding numerous issues such as finance, child care, elder care etc. If there are families involved such as divorcing couples, then one can take the help of family mediation services.

Family mediation is better than general litigation on several counts such as:-

1. Family mediation is relatively cheaper than consulting a solicitor is. Family mediation, in other words, is cost effective. One doesn’t have to burn a hole in the pocket while availing the services of a family mediator.

2. Family mediation is less stressful than general litigation services. This makes it more viable and preferable than normal litigation services.

3. Family mediation does not take much time. This particularly helpful from the point of view of children mainly because this means that it does not hamper their studies and secures their future.

4.  Family mediation is a better option mainly because most of the discussion takes place behind closed doors in a hushed manner. This ensures privacy. The proceedings and the final decision is not revealed to any third party.

5. Last, but not the least family mediation services are better because they are flexible in nature. The mediators think of all plausible ways to resolve the issue and reach a final solution.

Family mediation services should not be considered as marriage counselling. The mediators do not by any way, try and make things work out between the couples. They only tell about all the arrangements that can be made between the couples.

Family mediation as aforesaid covers numerous issues like finance, childcare, elderly care, prenuptial agreements etc. Family mediation as can be seen is a better option.

However, one needs to take care the mediators by no means can take final resolution that can be considered as ultimate. The decision taken is passed on to a solicitor or a court of law where the final agreement is made. This agreement is then signed on by the parties involved and the dispute is settled.

Also, when there are children below 18 are concerned the mediators have to take care that the welfare of the child is taken into consideration before anything else. The child needs to be heard of and empathetically dealt with.

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