Mediation Becomes Compulsory for Divorcing Couples

The period of separation between couples is quite distressing between couples. This the time, when numbers of issues have to be considered; such as child care, finances, elderly care, etc. Going to a law court seems to be a good option, but the fact of the matter is that this may increase the bitterness between the couples. One has to take care that during this time there are lots of emotions involved. So, getting an outside help is necessary.

This is the time when mediation services come handy. Mediation or rather family mediation is a better option than general litigation on several counts:-

1. Mediation is cost effective. In other words it is not as costly a procedure as general litigation. It does not lead to a hole in the pocket. General litigation on the other hand, is an expensive procedure.

2. Another benefit of mediation is that the time involved is less. This is a major advantage over general litigation. General litigation on the other hand involves a lot of time.

3. A major benefit of mediation for disputing couples is that everything occurs behind closed doors in a hushed manner. This ensures complete privacy. The decision taken is not revealed to any third party.

4. Mediation process is quick. This means saving of money and time. This is particularly beneficial where children are concerned. This stops their future from being hampered and secures it.

5. Mediation process is less stressful than general litigation. This is one of the primary reasons it has gained popularity over the last few decades.

6. Last, but not the least, unlike general litigation mediation is a flexible process. Mediators think out of the box and try to come out with all possible ways to reach the ultimate resolution.

7. Where children are concerned, judges or solicitors in general do not like to see a child in a court of law. They generally prefer talking to them in a closed chamber. Mediators on the other hand try to deal with the child in an empathetic way. They try not to disrupt the child psychologically.

One should, however, remember that the decision reached during a mediation process is not ultimate. The final resolution has to be passed in a court of law or to a solicitor who makes the final agreement which has to be signed by the couples to settle the dispute.

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