Residence Orders in Respect of Children

Children Focused Mediation has gained quite popularity in the last few decades. The main reason for this is:-

1. Mediation services are cost efficient and less costly than normal litigation. The charges involved are nominal and reasonable than court proceedings. They are pocket friendly and do not cast a hole in the pocket than normal litigation.

2. Mediation services are less stressful. The mediation processes is not as complex as normal litigation and hence are less tedious and are hassle free.

3. Mediation does not take much time and are less time consuming than court proceedings. This is particularly helpful if there are children involved. This ensures that the future of the children is hampered and the final decision is taken without loss of time.

4. Another benefit of mediation is that the proceedings take place behind closed doors and in a hushed up manner. The whole process is kept confidential and privacy is maintained throughout the proceedings.

5. An added benefit of mediation is that the parties involved have a direct say in the matter. In other words the parties can take part in the whole decision making process.

Having discussed the benefits of MIAMS mediation let’s have a general discussion on residence order.

What is residence order?

Resident orders are basically an agreement regarding who is going to live with the child after the couple go through legal separation.. This order does not specify any specific address, but simply who the child is going to live with. The basic features of this order are:-

1. Residence order does not implicate the removal of parental responsibility, but it simply tells who is going to live with the child. This facilitates the fact that each parent has a say in the upbringing of the child.

2.  Residence order clearly signifies the fact that if the person involved is just a PR, and is not a guardian, or a parent, then he can in no way offer the child for any kind of adoption.

3. In further restriction, the person taking care of the child, if not a legal guardian has no right to change the name of the child.

4. A residence order can be made in such a way, that one way partner is favoured over the other. This means that it is very much possible that the child gets to live with one parent over the other.

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