Mediation is not

Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake.

When Not to Choose Mediation

Our world is running at a breakneck speed. We are often running out of time. We are not in a position to give enough time to our partners. We are not being able to listen to them properly and vice versa. This is true for a great number of people these days. We are constantly working under a lot of stress and our social lives are facing the consequences. It all starts with a minor difference of opinion but ends with a big quarrel. And if this pattern is repeated, this can be seen as the first symptoms that your marriage is going towards a rough patch.

There are certain advantages of mediation.

Mediation is one-stop solution for the people who want a peaceful settlement in private. Mediation sessions are confidential. They entirely depend upon you and your partner. What’s more is that the dates of the sessions depend upon you. You should choose the date that suits you, preferably an off day. These sessions are not as expensive as the court proceedings. The sessions are cost-effective.

So, you do not risk losing a lot of money. Last but not least, you do not need to worry about partial treatment or prejudice. If you constantly fret about the fact that, for some reason, you will be getting an unfair treatment, mediation is your best friend. The people around you are highly skilled professionals who ensure that you are not going to have an uncomfortable moment. Unlike in court custody where you might not be treated in the same way.


However, there are certain disadvantages of mediation. There are some situations where mediation might not be the feasible way-out. Mediation is not suitable if your partner is being abusive. It can be domestic violence or violence on the child. In either case, you should not tolerate these situations and act immediately so that they are not repeated. As an adult, your children‘s’ safety should be your first priority. That does not definitely mean that you, yourself, have to put up with that.

Your safety is also in question here. If your problem is about monetary issues and your partner has got no money, you should move to court without delay. The other case is when you do not know the whereabouts of your ex. Finally, you will have to opt for court settlement if your mediator says so.