Mediation and the alternatives

With our expert advice, at Miams you will end the divorce process ready to face the future in a positive light.

Mediation alternatives

The divorce rollercoaster

Often the process of divorce can seem like a rollercoaster with no way to get off, or change, the ride when it has begun. If solicitors have been instructed then you will find that the costs of the divorce can accelerate until they have eaten into the value of your property and assets.

After being buffeted by legal jargon and proceedings you finally get a divorce agreed feeling shaken by the whole process and the relationship between you and your partner will have suffered.

Rather than undertake that legal journey perhaps you should consider an alternative form of dispute resolution.

Mediation – a journey where you are in control

Mediation is the sensible alternative to legal proceedings when you are considering a separation or a divorce.

At the start of the process you will meet with a mediator who will talk you through the procedure. Mediation is not an optional extra in divorce, in most cases you are required to undertake some form of mediation.

The aim of the mediation process is to take you through to a situation where you will be able to reach an agreement on finances, maintenance and childcare arrangements that is acceptable to both parties.

Mediation meetings
As an alternative method of resulting disputes, you will undertake a series of mediation meetings with your partner. These will be conducted at times which suit you, and in such a way that enables you to reach a constructive decision on the areas of dispute. The mediator does not take sides in these meetings.
Mediation and flexibility

The main advantage of mediation is its flexibility. Mediation enables you to discuss your affairs relating to any issue, whether it is finance or children, in a safe space.

The interests of children, grandparents and extended families can also be taken into account. Mediation is also suitable for same sex couples who are considering dissolving their civil partnership agreement.

The end of mediation

At the end of the mediation process you will produce a mutually acceptable agreement that you can use to conclude your divorce proceedings. With our expert advice, at MIAMS, you will end the divorce process ready to face the future in a positive light.

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