My Ex Won't Mediate

If your partner is not willing to engage in mediation, you need to find a mediation service such as MIAMS to facilitate the process and get your court application signed off.


What If my Ex Doesn’t want to Mediate?

When you undergo separation or divorce, it is important to ensure that you have a settlement with your ex-partner. This is why it is important to seek assistance from a mediation service such as MIAMS family mediation service to help find a settlement with your ex-partner. The process of settling for a settlement is easy of your ex is willing to try mediation.

If your ex-partner is not willing to engage in a mediation process, it may be quite challenging to reach for a settlement. It may be hard in the mid of conflict for two people to begin contemplating to begin negotiation together to sort things out.

This is as a result of the differences that may have occurred which would have affected the relationship severely, thus making it hard for such negotiations to happen.

In most cases, the easier path seems to start a legal battle in which the court is given the responsibility to sort out the problem and give solution to the settlement.

What many couples fail to put in mind as this option is that the court processes are costly, leads to a lot of stress and take a long period before it is finalized.

How Can I Mediate If My Ex Wont?

Mediation is a voluntary process, and there is no way that any person can be forced to accept it. However, it is the best option, and it works for both parties.

If your ex-partner is not ready to attend the negotiation, it is good to try to convince him or her to attend in their own at the beginning. This is necessary because couples who have separated may feel uncomfortable facing or working with each other. So, to avoid the tension that may occur, let the ex attend the negotiations alone.

After understanding how it all works, he or she will get more open and embrace the process and find it necessary to attend it together with you. Also, your ex-partner will gain more information that will help gain find the importance of mediating for a settlement.

It is natural that many people feel anxious before the start of the negotiation process especially those who may not be comfortable or not willing to face or engage in any form of discussion with their ex-partners.

However, a large percentage who accept and move on with it find relieved and feel grateful that they accept to embrace it to find a settlement solution.

Most of them get surprised to realize how it is easy to find a settlement and even engage in healthy negotiations with their ex-partners without any form of confrontation. They are happy at the way they can reach an agreement that previously seemed like so hard to reach with their ex-partners.

If your partner is not willing to engage in mediation, you need to find a mediation service such as MIAMS to facilitate the process.

This will ensure that your ex-partner is shown the importance of accepting to mediate in a professional manner so that he or she can accept it AND get the best results.

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