Mckenzie Friend

Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake.A Mckenzie Friend can provide valuable assistance for people when mediation dont work. Contact us today to find out more

Better Advice By The Mckenzie Friend For The Case

If you are not able to resolve your family feud by mediation then you may think of hiring solicitor for the case so that they can get the legal advice. But this legal advice is also possible with the help of McKenzie friend. Hiring solicitor may be costly for you and it’s only possible in some extraordinary cases to hire. But for the family feud, you may decide to do litigation yourself which can be an exhausting experience. And it can be made better with the support of the McKenzie friend.

The person who goes with you in court to assist you is McKenzie friend. A McKenzie friend goes with you in court and provides the best advice to you and helps you to take the notes which are important for you in the legal proceedings. These are those people who do not represent the lawyer. It is not difficult for a person to represent in the court for the case when you have a McKenzie friend with you who provides a moral support to you. These are the people who sit with you in the court and helps in the proceedings of the court. The advice is given on the various issues on which the litigant must raise in the court.

The demand for the McKenzie friend has increased due to the following reasons:-

There Are Two Categories Of The Mckenzie Friend Which Are As Follows:-

  1. Some have former experience of the legal system, including law enforcers and the social workers.
  2. Some have personal experience of the legal system or have faced the same cases earlier. They have a lot of experience in the various cases which can help the litigant in resolving the case.

But before hiring the McKenzie friend it becomes important for a litigant to know whether they provide good services or not. Some may give poor advice for the case which can worsen your case instead of making it better. If you are not able to hire a lawyer, then it is easy for the litigant to know whom they should hire as a McKenzie friend. This really helps you to resolve the family feud in a better manner and it helps in solving the case very easily with the support of the McKenzie friend.

McKenzie friend helps the litigant in providing justice with their advice and moral support. It becomes tiring when one has to appear for the case when they haven’t done this earlier. It is encouraging for the litigants to have these people who can help them in the situation which they have faced earlier. Moreover, the judges agree upon this to have a McKenzie friend as they can help them to differ between the facts of the case and the emotions. Emphasis is given more on the facts when the encouragement is given by them to the litigants in the case to take better decisions for the case.