Low Cost Divorce

Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake.
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Low Cost Divorce Service

Mediation of divorce services involves using a third party to help divorcing parties agree on issues regarding marriage. In most cases, the parties main aim is not to reconcile the conflicting parties neither can they choose any sides nor make them decisions for them; the mediator helps the conflicting parties agree on issues such as property division and child custody. In such a service, everything that is spoken is kept confidential.

Pros of Mediation Services

Reduced Stress

A divorce period is a very stressful affair for the involved parties. The stress involves appearing before the judge and discuss the details which affect the marriage. Conversely, for mediation services, the fearful environment of the court is replaced by an informal setting which enables the divorcing parties to discuss the issues regarding their divorce.

Mediation Services are Cost-Effective

When a couple takes a divorce case to court to settle the issues of divorce, they will need to hire lawyers for each party and pay for all the other expenses personally. Nevertheless, if the couple decides to use mediation services, they will only pay the mediator and other cheap services that may arise subsequently. Therefore, managed divorce service is less expensive than litigation since it saves you at least £750.

Positive effect on Kids
Children are the biggest beneficiaries for managed divorce. When it comes to litigation, parents have a hard time deciding who will go with the kids. However, mediation services help parents cooperate in the whole divorce process. Children enjoy most benefits when parents collaborate since mediation services allow joint custody for the kids.

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