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In life, disputes are inevitable. They result from the very minor to major differences that define humans as unique beings. Blood relatives fall out often the same as couples which indicates no one is immune to disputes. Falling out with each other doesn’t necessarily mean the worst if you know where to seek help. In the case of irreconcilable differences between couples, which more often than not, lead to separation or divorce, the mediation process is recommended to resolve.
Miams Mediation Service Birmingham provide separated couples with the stress and costs of going legal. Perfect for sorting out things like property and all done in a confidential manner. How many mediation sessions couples will need will greatly depend on your situation but for many clients 2-3 is maximum.

Why mediation?
Separation and divorce ruin the bond of close association that existed between previously happy couples. It’s, therefore, the role of a mediator to assist the couple comes up with terms of the agreement through which various needs and interests are dealt with. Mediators are qualified and impartial which make the entire process above board and worth the time. They are guided by code of ethics which allow clients to make their own decisions without any form of interference or coercion. All matters discussed between the couple in distress and the mediator remain confidential and are only meant for facilitating the way forward after a long time together.

The process
Among the most important things that mediation addresses are; Parenting the children, financial support, family home, property and any other problem related to the separation.
To make mediation a success, involved parties are requested to both contact the service and show their desire to take part. Best always to avoid court and its the court’s assistance you start with meeting as minimum requirement.

It’s from then that dates can be set in time for the initial sitting. The length of the entire process may vary depending on the issues at hand and the uncompromising stance taken by either or both parties. Emotional issues are always difficult to handle but through experience and the desire to reach an amicable settlement, the mediator guides people towards fair, equitable and workable agreements.

Miams Family mediation Birmingham

Divorce and separation remain a solution for many couples in conflicts beyond repair but detrimental to the children involved. Children need both parents and may not even understand the challenges leading to the breakup. Accordingly, failure to address the issue of parenting may not only lead to coping problems but also destroy a young person’s life. Mediators understand that all too well. They, therefore, help people draft parenting plans that are unique to each family and in line with what is most important for the children.

In order to enforce the outcome of a mediation process, all agreements can be noted down and forwarded to solicitors for drafting into Legal Deed of Separation and/or Decree.
Other benefits of mediation can be summed up into the points below:

Quick Solutions
Mediators are experienced, qualified and have the capacity to expedite the hearing process to an earlier date as couples may request. On the other hand, court cases may drag depending on various other matters that the judge is involved with.

Unlike formal litigation, mediation is relatively less expensive as couple’s aren’t required to part with various litigation fees. It’s also possible to get free mediation services as in this case.

Common Outcome
All solutions in a mediation process are drawn from what the parties involved agree with. Decisions are not imposed and hence the likelihood of defaulting or going against the agreements are minimized.
Quick healing
Divorce and separation can be painful but not as painful as when you feel the ending denied you chance for a fair settlement. In cases where third party decide on the outcome of a divorce, the aggrieved person may end up being denied justice. They may fail to get what they hoped for upon initiating a legal process. The said outcome may complicate the healing process and even encourage animosity between the couples. However, through a mediator, decisions are based on agreements derived from both parties. By agreeing on the way forward, the hurting parties are given a chance to heal and move on with life. Reach out to us today and arrange an assessment with a qualified mediator Birmingham office
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