Alternative Dispute Resolution In Family Law

This came as a good news for many families as the Law Society of Scotland has issued a new guidance note that encourages solicitors towards advising their clients on the various available options about the matter of dispute resolution. You can find a Family Mediation agency in Peterborough which would have been doing the same task for a long time.

There are people who believe that during the course of a family law dispute with a partner in relation to issues like divorce or child custody, the single resolution is to take the matter to court, while this not holds true for most of the cases. On researching, you can find that there are other highly effective options available, for example negotiation, collaborative practice, mediation, litigation and arbitration.

For example, Family Mediation in Peterborough involves sitting down of both the parties with an impartial third party for finding a mutually acceptable solution for the dispute. As an agreement is reached, the plans are translated into a binding form by the lawyers from both the sides.

On the other hand, in case of negotiation, parties are allowed for exchanging information and seeking a mutually acceptable solution with the partners through communication between the solicitors and the partner’s.

Going for an alternative dispute resolution technique can prove to be much more cost effective and less stressful in comparison to going to a court. These techniques work well for such couples who are in a dispute.

It should also be kept in mind that they do not work for every case. As per recognition by the Law Society guidance, there are situations where the single way for resolving a dispute is to approach a court, especially in case the dispute carries a risk of violence or intimidation.

David Preston, convener of the Society’s expert group on mediation has said that the aim is ensuring that every option is discussed with clients and solicitors are able to fully advise the clients on the apt process for their specific situation.

This process includes the advice of solicitors to the clients that in case they believe that approaching the court is the most apt method, then there are always some cases where there is need for a court hearing. The clients must be enabled for making informed choices about how they wish their case to be handled.

In case a person has a family law dispute, then he or she can contact a qualified family law solicitor who is experienced in every form of dispute resolution, including collaborative family law, mediation, and litigation. You can fill their online enquiry form or even contact them on their email or phone number.